Το Καφέμου
Prince Carl Philip of Sweden in Maleme Chania Crete!
Prince Carl Philip of Sweden in Maleme Chania Crete!

Once again, Prince Carl Philip of Sweden, the son of King Gustav and Queen Sylvia, has chosen Greece and specifically Maleme in the Municipality of Platanias near Chania for his family holiday.

Accompanying him was his wife Sofia, who is pregnant with their second child, and their one-year old son Alexandros.  

Even though the trip was kept out of the media, the arrival of the royal family could not escape the lens of, which is the eyes ears and voice in the region. Some people say that accompanying the prince were additional members of Sophia's family. Swedish tourists holidaying here were quite surprised when they suddenly saw their prince in front of them.

The Princess's family stayed in a villa in the village. Every day they would bathe on Maleme Beach and then drink their coffee at the "Kima" restaurant cafe owned by the brothers Anthony & Valentine Koutsogiannakis, which is situated right on the seafront.

Taking their privacy into account, we have secured some shots from a few moments of their "fairy tale holiday " as well as having some details of their chosen preferences.

Their family day usually began with a frivolous cappuccino on the seafront. At lunchtime they stayed cool by drinking Greek draft beer which was usually accompanied by pasta and salads.
As lovers of good food they tasted many flavors of the Greek creative cuisine of the restaurant "Kima", but their favorite dishes turned out to be the fresh tartar tone, fresh fish roasted in stone with a summer salad, purple of finokos and of course the lamb on the spit with fresh mushroom puree and new baby potatoes.
Another dish they enjoyed (like most Scandinavians!) was the fresh local big beef burgers , served with caramelised onion, bread, cheddar cheese , a home-made BBQ sauce and freshly prepared potatoes. Their day ended with a glass of wine or prosecco.

The service provided by the Kima restaurant was impeccable as the owners have been professionals for years and know how to serve VVIP customers.

Some history, Prince Carl Philip of Sweden is a handsome man with a well-formed body and he has strong Mediterranean features, just as the royal fairy tales describe he met the girl of his dreams and married Sofia who came from a simple classical Swedish family. Sofia was also a participant in a TV show of Sweden and was a former model. It is rumored that the royal family reacted strongly to their relationship, but the love of the young couple was unbreakable and after five years Philip and Sophia walked up the alter and married.

International media had said the royal family are spending their holidays in Saint Tropez for obvious reasons.

But, as you see from the photos and the video ... it's not Saint Tropez!

Maleme near Chania though not Saint Tropez is just as lovely.

Evidence of this, is the fact that the Swedish Prince chose to bring his family here.

Definitely the prince had done his research!

Prince Carl Philip made his vacation in Maleme Chania Crete Greece
Prince Carl Philip made his vacation in Maleme Chania Crete Greece
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